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  • Calculating Heat Gain and Loss capacities

  • Design Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems

  • Design Air Distribution Systems.

  • Selecting Heat and energy recovery system

  • Boiler and hydronic system

  • In-slab and radiant heating system

  • Plumbing and drainage system

  • Sprinkler and fire protection system

  • Health Care Facilities HVAC Design, clinics, Pharmacies, Compounding Rooms (Sterile & Non-Sterile).

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems

  • Energy audit and modeling

  • Structural analysis and design of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

  • Extensive experience in steel structures, reinforced concrete and timber

  • Skid package for pump, compressor, fan, and generator unit

  • Foundation Design and vibration analysis for industrial packages: gas compressors, pressure vessels, pump stations, etc.

  • Sleeper concrete foundation design

  • Miscellaneous supports for pipes and piping system

  • Steel connection design

  • Structural dynamic analysis

  • Review, red line, professional stamp and certification of drawings.

  • Inspections and recommendations for property sales.


  • Design the Distribution Panels and size the Circuit Breakers / Fuses.

  • Design indoor and outdoor lighting 

  • Size cables and conduits 

  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) design, supply and programming.

  • Synchronizing design, supply and programming.

  • Switchgear, MCC, VFD, Switchboard, Panelboard design, review drawings and schematics.

  • Engineering Studies and Recommendations​

  • Load Flow and Voltage Drop studies.​

  • Protective Device Coordination studies.

  • Short Circuit studies.

  • Harmonics Analysis.

  • Arc Flash Study.

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